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We have been developing digital typefaces for complex writing systems  since 1985.  Putting together types for these scripts involves a fine balance between design and engineering. Design to ensure that the contours bring out the beautiful elements of each letter and engineering to ensure that they fall together perfectly well following the rules of the respective orthographies….read more


Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps carry with them the result of extensive research we do with language technology. Word prediction, auto-correction, transliteration and lookup dictionaries are some of the components we build to help users easily produce content in their respective languages.  We provide some of these apps for FREE to promote usage and strengthen the ……read more



No regional language support is complete without providing the ability to the users to input text in their language. Our first Input Method Editor (IME) was developed in assembly language in mid-80s. With the lack of industry standards, we built these methods with carefully designed key-placements and language intelligence such as prediction and auto-correction to assist users as ……read more

Some of our apps that showcase the fonts, input-methods and 
language technologies we develop.

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